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 COVID - 19 ‘Campsite’ Risk Assessment


1. MCC events are defined as ‘temporary campsites’.

2. Camping members contact details to be recorded. A requirement to comply with NHS’s test and trace system.

3. On arrival at check in DO NOT leave your van until instructed to by stewards: payment will be taken at this point - have your CLEAR envelopes ready with fees and name, membership number clearly visible CASH OR CHEQUE.


5. No door to door parking.

6.SOCIAL GATHERINGS: only bubbles of 6 persons are permitted outside your van provided social distancing is observed. Gatherings in awnings or vehicles on site are not permitted. There will be NO GROUP GATHERINGS.

7.Own sanitising products to be used at water taps & Elsan.

8.Face masks must be worn when dealing direct face to face with any committee members who will be stewarding.

Many thanks in anticipation of your co-operation from The MCC East Midlands Group Committee.


Date Published :  13/09/2020 22:31:00